Residential Living

Residential Living

Children at Pine Grove live in one of five homes set on 30 acres of rural land in Kershaw County, SC. Behavior Technicians supervise the children 24 hours a day and provide instruction and assistance with all daily living skills based on individual needs and developmental levels.

Individualized Care
Highly individualized care plans and behavioral policies are developed by an interdisciplinary team. Care plan goals focus on communication skills, behavior management, daily living skills and interpersonal relationships.

Parent Involvement
Parents/guardians are encouraged to actively participate in all care planning and policy development for their child.

Medical Services
Medical services at Pine Grove include on campus nursing. Local physicians and psychiatrists are utilized for routine/acute care and medication management.

Education Services at Pine Grove

Education Services

The educational program at Pine Grove focuses on each child's developmental level in terms of communication, behavior and academic functioning. Our small classrooms allow for individual attention by our certified teachers and behavior technicians.

Year-Round Schooling
Children at Pine Grove receive the benefit of attending school year-round (240 days a year). Additional time in the classroom provides each child with increased opportunities to develop academic, communication, independent living and behavior skills to promote the learning process.

Targeted Interventions & Support
Educational services at Pine Grove are driven by each child's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Each child's home school district collaborates in the development and review of the IEP. Parents receive reports highlighting student progress and regular updates regarding the child's school behavior.

Students receive speech, occupational and/or physical therapy as directed in the IEP. Vocational, recreational and community training activities are also incorporated into the daily program.

Work With Pine Grove

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