Lead Care Coordinator

Qualifications/Credentials: Master’s degree in Social Work or a related mental health field (State of South Carolina licensing desirable)/Verification of Both is required. Clear criminal background check. Able to demonstrate excellent oral and written communications. Able to work effectively with all staff members, parents and various outside agencies. Display honesty, integrity and a commitment to the mission of Pine Grove.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all written documentation is accurate and current.
  • Interact with all outside agencies and parents in a highly professional manner.
  • Ensure that a recreational program is in place for all homes.
  • Responsible for providing and/or coordinating services for each child’s care to include assessment, development and signing of the care plan and periodic re-confirmation of the appropriateness of care.
  • Responsible for providing and/or supervising services to include evaluating, assessing, and the provision of all essential tasks for children receiving care.
  • Responsible for spending a portion of time watching and interacting with each child conducting individual sessions. These individual sessions are to occur at a minimum of two times per week and shall be documented in the child’s summary notes.
  • Responsible for conducting and documenting weekly meetings with direct care staff individually or in groups to discuss specific children’s cases in order to monitor the child’s behavioral, social, emotional, educational, vocational, nutritional, spiritual, cultural and permanency needs. These meeting are to be documented in the child’s summary notes.
  • Complete Weekly Progress Summary Notes for children on caseload and send the Weekly Progress Summary Notes to referring agency on a monthly basis.
  • Responsible for formulating, chairing and implementing child’s Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) and Comprehensive Care Plan Reviews/Reformulations.
  • Review each child’s Comprehensive Care Plan with direct care staff to ensure that the plan is accurately and consistently implemented.
  • Maintain each child’s Service Delivery files, ensuring all required documentation is included and kept up to date in the files at all times.
  • Display effective written and verbal skills.
  • Promote the Rights of Children in Residential Care.
  • Conduct trainings, as needed/suggested, by the Director of Programming/Admissions.
  • Attend trainings, as needed/required/made available.
  • Meet with Director of Programming/Admissions, weekly, to discuss issues/concerns related to assigned children on caseload.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Participate in the on-call rotation.
  • Direct supervisor of Care Coordinators.
  • Mastermind ways to improve the quality of care provided by the facility.
  • Perform quality assurance audits of each care coordinators caseload.
  • Works to create and implement efficient systems/workflows within the facility.
  • Assist with staff recruitment and training.
  • Communication of significant issues or developments identified during the quality assurance audit with the Director of Programming/Admissions.
  • Assist with conducting satisfactory surveys with residents and families.
  • Participating in meetings with regulatory licensing agencies.
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